' Children Rohingya in mortal danger '

The lives of Rohingya children in the refugee camps around Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh are at risk.

This says Maya Vandenent, head of UN children's organisation Unicef health care in Bangladesh. Vandenent discusses the situation in the camps Tuesday in Netherlands with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the crowded camps around Cox's Bazar stays more than 688,000 Rohingya refugees from neighbouring Myanmar. Among them are such a 399,000 children. According to Unicef, there is a great lack of food, clean drinking water, medicines and toilets in the camps, causing a life-threatening situation.

"The situation is already miserable, but if the cyclone season starts soon, walk more children risk falling victim to potentially deadly diseases such as measles, diphtheria and cholera," said Vandenent in a statement. UNICEF is trying to be a large-scale outbreak of diseases in the camps by as many people as possible to vaccinate.

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