Saad Lamjarred may again to Morocco

Saad Lamjarred will travel to Morocco in the next few days, he should finally leave French territory.

Saad Lamjarred announced yesterday via instagram are that he will soon return to Morocco. A return that is allowed by the investigating judge that the pop star has authorized to leave French territory.

"Saad Lamjarred can go where he wants, because he may leave the French territory of the investigating judge" Lamjarred's French lawyer Eric Dupont-Moretti, told to H24Info. "The return of Lamjarred is not illegal," Moretti insisted, with which he wanted to impose silence critics who said the French justice Lamjarred.

As a reminder, Saad Lamjarred was detained in the Fleury-Merogis prison since 27 October 2016 following the accusation of rape by the French Laura Prioul. He came on 13 April 2017 at liberty, but with an ankle bracelet. The anklet was removed in October 2017, but should not leave French territory Lamjarred. This he may now by the examining magistrate so though. The lawsuit still runs, so he will have to return to France.

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