Nador: Girl is blown off from the roof by strong gusts of wind

A twelve-year-old girl fell from the roof of her house in Nador because of strong gusts of wind.

The girl reportedly looked over the wall of her family's roof in the Oulad Bou Tayeb district in Nador, when raging gusts of wind swept her feet, Akhbar Al-Yaoum writes today.

The girl suffered severe fractures in her limbs and back due to the fall. She was immediately transferred to a local hospital for medical treatment.

The past week there have been torrential downpours throughout the country, especially along the Atlantic and the northern coasts. The wind speed varied from 60 to 80 km / h in Nador on 5 March, the day on which the incident occurred, Akhbar Al-Yaoum finally reported.