Passenier: 'No rush at rematch against Verhoeven' (video)

The man who made the 'rough diamond' Badr Hari the fighter as we know him today, looked at the party of Saturday night after Pep Talk.

Something we did not know before, coach Mike Passenier did a remarkable revelation last night at Pep Talk: Badr Hari would have been ill right before the meeting with Hesdy Gerges. The 33-year-old kick boxer had caught cold, according to his trainer, the reason he was in the ring during his speech. Rico Verhoeven also let himself be heard in this broadcast, even before the program was broadcast live, presenters Frank Evenblij and Jack van Gelder asked the 28-year-old Glory champion about the match between Hari and Gerges.

[video = youtube; TO2AzD7V8Vk] [/ video]