Hakimi tonight as tribune customer witnessing decisive clash PSG - Real Madrid

Even for the reserve bench coach Zinedine Zidane had no place for his 19 year old youth exponent. Achraf Hakimi has unfortunately hardly made a move to the 'Royal', so also tonight during the Paris Saint-Germain - Real Madrid top poster.

For Real Madrid and of course Paris Saint-Germain it is tonight or under it. Where Paris Saint-Germain is heading for her seventh national championship, all alarm bells have started ringing at Real Madrid: Zinedine Zidane's squadron performs far below level in La Liga and because eliminating in the Copa del Rey has been a reality for a long time, UEFA Champions League is the only stage where you can still shine in the current season.

A player who experiences first hand what the consequences are of the less successful season of the people of Madrid is Achraf Hakimi. Where the right back could benefit earlier from the loss of first choice Dani Carvajal, the opportunities perspective now seems far out of view in minutes in the main power. The last time that the talented back on behalf of the A-selection came within the lines dates from the 27th of the previous calendar month (1-0 lost away against RCD Espanyol, base turn). During the competition meeting last weekend with Getafe (3-1 win) the Moroccan-international did not appear in the competition plan, Zidane left him out of the selection.

Also for tonight saw Hakimi an important poster to pass, the all-deciding encounter with the powerful Paris Saint-Germain he will thus have to follow from the stands. In the first game, his formation was too strong for the team of Unai Emery 3-1, it is expected that tonight with the knife between the teeth will be played by both teams. With the result from the home game, it now seems that Madrid has the best papers for moving to the quarterfinals of billionsball.

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