No Africa Cup 2019 in Morocco, Lekjaa is behind guest Cameroon (video)

For a long time, certain parties in the corridors of African football brought rumors into the world that made Morocco the organizer of the Africa Cup of 2019, at the expense of the current host country Cameroon.

During the first ever symposium for African women's football, held in Marrakech in the past 2 days, issues that had little to do with continental women's football were also discussed. One of those topics was the organization of the Africa Cup of 2019, the last period we often received messages in which it was openly suggested that the original and current host country Cameroon would not have been able to organize the final tournament. The worrisome course of events concerning stadium construction was often mentioned as an argument. One of the countries that was mentioned as a possible candidate to absorb the hosting of the tournament was and is Morocco, especially because of the successful CHAN 2018 the name of Morocco was the most common.

Today, the rumors carousel, especially due to the recent news coverage in the media, was stopped during the symposium in Marrakech. Both the chairman of the Moroccan federation, Faouzi Lekjaa, and his Cameroonian colleague Dieudonné Happi reacted clearly to the erroneous reporting.

[video = youtube; qfjUc8x-FVo] [/ video]

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