Marriage of minors: Moroccan society makes awareness video (video)

However, the awareness campaign also gets a lot of criticism.

Mourad Fouazi, chairman of the association "Rights and Justice", gave the go-ahead during a meeting of a new initiative against marrying minors.

During the meeting the association concerned showed a promo, on which a minor girl informs her parents about her wedding plans and that she hurts them a lot because they fear the negative consequences. The video in question will be shown at different schools in Morocco.

Several civil society organizations have expressed negative opinions about this one-sided exposure of marrying underage girls. The organizations in question indicate that the association misses the shelf by linking the minor to the success or failure of a marriage. The organizations indicate that the focus should lie in voluntary marriages and that that should be the striving of each and every one of them to stand against forced marriages.

The religious organizations in Morocco also indicate that the guardians (the father in most cases) can best estimate whether or not his daughter should or could not marry and that an association with political goals should not take such a role. According to these organizations, such initiatives would nullify religious norms and values ​​and encourage fornication if no marriage is allowed and the relationship continues.

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