Assaidi: 'Looking purely at my qualities, I deserve a call'

With a pre-selection in the pocket, Ousamma Assaidi can look forward to a possible final appeal and thus a return with the Lions of the Atlas, as opposed to ELF Voetbal, the whistleblower at FC Twente tells us why he thinks that World Cup participation is justified.

Outing for Morocco, Ousamma Assaidi has not been here for more than 2.5 years, the last time the talented left winger wore the jersey of the Lions of the Atlas dates from September 5, 2015. He then made minutes in front of coach Badou Zaki. football pitch Sao Tome in the qualifying series for the Africa Cup of 2017 (0-3 win, substitution). Since then, the attacker is no longer part of the plans of both the dismissed Zaki and the subsequently appointed Hervé Renard. However, the latter exerciser has again made a conditional appeal to Assaidi, Renard accepted him in the pre-selection for the friendly encounter with Serbia and Uzbekistan respectively.

In front of ELF Football, Assaidi explains his love for the national team and explains why his presence at the upcoming World Cup can be of added value. In his words, the ex-player of Liverpool and Stoke City say the following:

The only Moroccan contract player at the Tukker was and is no longer Assaidi.

The wonderful goal of the international against Algeria (ed. 4-0 in the Grand Stade de Marrakech) is still on the retin for every follower. A hit that gave his career as a Moroccan international an unprecedented boost. Assaidi concludes the interview with: '' I thought: I'm going to Djemaa el Fna, the old market square in the middle of Marrakech. Have a look. Well, I should not have done that better. I had no idea what impact my race had. Before I knew it, a procession of people followed me. From one it became two, and before I knew it, there were thousands of people around me. Not normal. Then the police had to come to take me to my hotel. It just did not work anymore. I did not know what I was going through. "

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