Forty animal species threatened with extinction in Morocco

Several animal species are threatened in Morocco.

Several animal species are threatened in Morocco, Medias24 writes. Others have already disappeared, including the Berber Lion (also called Atlas Lion), most recently seen in 1930, and the Imperial Eagle, which disappeared between 1960 and 1980.

Several animals have seen their number drop in recent years. This is due to pressure on the natural (logging, forest fires, open space for agricultural purposes and overgrazing of livestock), poaching and trade in endangered species, explains Zouhair Amhaouch. Amhaouch is head of the Parks and Nature Reserves department within the High Commission for Waters and Forests and the fight against desertification (HCEFLCD).

In the mammalian category, six species, all of large size, disappeared from Morocco between 1925 and 1956, "said Amhaouch. It concerns four ungulates (scimitar-horned oryx, addax, leptocera gazelle and hartebeest) and two carnivores (berber lion and serval). "The last lion of the Atlas was seen in the Middle Atlas in 1930".

Other species are threatened with extinction, such as the porcupine, the striped hyena, the damagazelle, the monk seal, the caracal lynx and the wild cat.

In birds, at least a dozen breeding species have disappeared since the beginning of the twentieth century. Thirty other bird species are now threatened with extinction. The most remarkable are: the bald ibis, the vulture and the cormorant.

"According to specialists, two types of reptiles are on the verge of extinction in the plain of Souss and have already disappeared from various other regions," Amhaouch said.

The Nile crocodile is the only reptile species that is considered permanently extinct in Morocco.

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