Meteorites and gems from Morocco for sale on the internet

Skeletons of animals, meteorites and gems from Morocco can be purchased online at various sales sites.

How did these rare and expensive items end up on online sales sites? That remains the whole question. The sale of archaeological objects, meteorites and skeletons of dinosaurs is currently continuing.

We remember the excitement caused by the discovery of exceptional items in international auctions, such as the dinosaur skeleton last year at a French auction. And now rare and prehistoric Moroccan pieces appear on online sales sites, the daily newspaper Assabah writes today.

On the online sales sites the offer is diversified: fossils of dinosaurs, meteorites or gems are sometimes sold from 7000 dirhams. Traders of archaeological and museum pieces from around the world buy items for a modest price and then resell them for a high price.

The case of a marine animal, an extinct species, offered for sale on Ebay is mentioned as one of the items currently on sale. The newspaper also gives the example of a 'Quartz' that is offered for sale at the price of 14,000 dirhams on one of these sites. Quartz is one of the most common and varied minerals on earth, and its abundant colors produce many precious stones.