El Kaabi: 'Hope that Allah (swt) helps to realize my World Cup dream' (video)

As all-time top scorer of the CHAN and after being chosen as 'Man of the Tournament', modesty Ayoub El Kaabi continues to adorn. The striker of RS Berkane hopes and keeps hoping for a possible call for Renard for the walk to the World Cup this summer.

In the series 100% Lions de l'Atlas where the Moroccan medium Le360.ma recently kicked off, one of the best Botola Pro players is naturally also discussed. RS Berkane striker Ayoub El Kaabi is talking to the aforementioned medium about the won CHAN tournament and the upcoming World Cup and all that in an open-minded atmosphere during a training day at his club.

[video = youtube; PxhID3cH56Q] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxhID3cH56Q [/ video]

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