Tangier: a cemetery specifically for animals (video)

In the Northwest of the city of Tangier is a unique cemetery, reserved for pets.

Who knew that Tangier has a special pet cemetery?

The Boubana-cemetery is a unique cemetery. Located Northwest of city of Tangier, it became in the years 1950 created by the English writer and artist David Herbert. He wanted it to be a really animals graveyard would be and the graveyard met the expectations of foreigners who lived in the city at that time.

Unfortunately, this heritage is today in a disastrous state. It has been abandoned, and in the absence of a protective separation and monitoring, regular vandalism.

[video = youtube; cc8YH3EnAdM] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 11 & v = cc8YH3EnAdM [/video]