Facebook places islamofobisch movie of Hungarian politician wont turn back

The movie was shot in Vienna and wanted to do prevent white Austrians live in fear of Islamic immigrants.

Facebook has the electoral film by János Lazar, the Chief of staff of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, yet again. The social medium had the video previously deleted. Lazar, who has the status of Minister, took the video on in Vienna and wanted to show that "white" Austrians live in fear of Islamic immigrants.

According to Facebook Lazar people fell to under their lineage and religious identity. This is contrary to the rules of the network. Lazar was furious and accused Facebook of censorship.

The company later came back on its decision and said it was an exception to the prohibition by the network on hate. "Sometimes exceptions are made if the content is newsworthy or the public interest", suggested Facebook in a statement.

"People use Facebook for discussions and to raise awareness of important issues. We will, however, continue to remove content that does not comply with our guidelines, including hate. "

Lazar said in the video that immigrants cause crime and that they make mess and Austrians from their districts. Why Facebook made an exception for this particular video said the company does not.

On 8 april parliamentary elections in Hungary. Fidesz, the party of Orbán, run a campaign that revolves around the protection of Hungary against immigrants and non-Christian influences. Since the party in mid-term local elections a sensitive defeat led, it has hardened the tone of the campaign.

Also the radical right-wing Austrian FPÖ Government party, called the video "inappropriate".