' Islam local not always priority for PVV '

Local lists of the PVV see little in the plans of party leader Geert Wilders to of ' de-Islamization ' priority number 1.

Against RTL News say many of them that it is not a priority for them or breaking point, or that they simply unfeasible.

The PVV does 21 March in in thirty municipalities participated in the elections. Seventeen local PVV-departments have closure of mosques in the election, writes RTL Friday.

The lijsttrekker in Hengelo is against RTL clear on that. "We have here one mosque, but that need not close '' said Jeanet Nadeau." Because there we go as a municipality does not have. ''

Find other lists it simply isn't the main theme, or find that you cannot just buildings against the plain can throw. "Who had never, but standing there, '' says Patrick vats of the Terneuzense Department." They are according to the rules in the law, so we are going to do anything about it. ''

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