Meryem, the youngest female jailer in Manikandan (video)

Meryem Takmati gives a glimpse into her life as a female jailer Manikandan in the prison.

At the age of 24 is Meryem Takmati the youngest jailer in Manikandan. A job that she chose after her master's degree in economics. Her career, her work, her daily life, the young woman told briefly about these topics in an interview with Lefr360.

UNNI comes from a family in which several family members worked in the army, that has ensured that it has chosen for this box. Her goal is to help the women in prison and hopes that they will get a good future if they are free.

Rasool told more about her duties as jailer and find it pleasant and rewarding work. Especially if the prisoners shown that they appreciate her, by, for example, to ask how it goes. Experience them from outside every now and then negativity because they this box as a woman, but she says "everyone has their own opinion".

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