Souss: alleged serial killer of homeless is a former soldier

The alleged serial killer in the Souss region was arrested last Tuesday.

Elements of the Directorate-General for the national Security (DGSN) arrested Tuesday night in Imentanout a fifty year old man suspected to be the serial killer. The alleged serial killer is a former retired soldier and himself homeless, reports the newspaper Al Massae today.

According to the newspaper, the police came in action after a phone call from a saleswoman at a local convenience store. The saleswoman offered the suspect to a meal, after which he told about himself from the crimes he might have committed. Heard by the police researchers, recognized the accused the murders without the number of victims.

The serial killer has so far killed eight homeless people through a stone against the head of the sleeping victims. The eight murders were committed between december and March 2017 2018. The latest victim fell Thursday 1 March in Inezgane.

The daily newspaper Ahdath Al Maghribia writes today, however, that there may be more than eight. The researchers were interested in two murders that have taken place recently near Marrakech. They found place respectively on 24 november and February 20, and the murder method is similar to that of the eight confirmed victims who in the Souss region are found.