SANAA is a proud garbage woman in Morocco (video)

SANAA talks about her job as garbage woman in Morocco.

She is every day at 6 am, create empty trash cans and collected waste. Yesterday in connection with the international women's day (8 March), Lefr360 made this nice portrait of the 25year old Sanaa.

The young woman, who is married and has two children, is proud of her job. She has been working for 9 months in this sector and will find this work fine to do. SANAA has studied in the past, but stopped her studies. She worked in a sewing factory but this found them no fine work.

She has gotten this job then and there she is thankful for. If they wouldn't do this work she would be unemployed, her husband is unemployed and Sanaa therefore provides for a living.

Her husband worked in the past as well, but due to circumstances he can no longer work. Therefore provides Sanaa now for her husband and two children aged 4 and 2.5 years old, she brings them to school and paid for their school.

She gets a lot of positive comments from people about her job and she is proud.

[video = youtube; QrjSQpORnac] v = QrjSQpORnac [/video]

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