The tragic fate of the 11-year-old Dong

Last Tuesday was the 11-year-old Dong found raped and strangled in Aït Imour, region of Marrakech.

The facts go back to Tuesday 6 March 2018, writes H24Info. At around five o'clock in the afternoon Dong returned back home, when a young man kidnapped her and took to an uncultivated and secluded grounds. Hidden from view in order to commit his crimes. The man, raped and strangles her, after which he disappears in the forest and her death leaves behind.

According to the website Alyaoum24 Dong was found a few hours later, stripped of her underwear. The autopsy reveals that she was raped, beaten and strangled to death.

The rapist was arrested the next day. The culprit is only 21 years old. He confessed his crime with the statement that he did not want to kill the girl, but he was forced to throttle her to satisfy his sexual desire.

The young man appeared last Friday for the Attorney General of the Court of appeal in Marrakech. Details of a conviction are not yet known.