Souss region: serial killer arrested thanks to DNA-traces

A man was arrested Saturday night which one this time sure is that it's the culprit is, thanks to DNA traces.

The National Criminal Police brigade, in close coordination and cooperation with the brigades of the judicial police of Agadir and Inzegane, Saturday night a person arrested for his alleged involvement in the murders of eight homeless, the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) today in a statement.

Last Wednesday was even though a man picked up but this turned out not to be the culprit.

The field research, supported by technical and scientific expertise, resulted in the arrest of the main suspect, itself a homeless, after genetic expertise showed that a sample of his DNA matched the found traces on the crime scene of two murders in Agadir and Inezgane.

The suspect, 29 years old, is taken into custody at the disposal of the research carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's Office. DGSN points out that they are working in coordination with the Royal Gendarmerie with identifying similar crimes committed by means of the same procedure and where the culprit might be involved.