Astrid Hamdan: hard evidence against brother

Astrid Holleeder is believed to have hard evidence that her brother William directly to the underworld murders of which he is accused.

This turned out to be during her trial by the Court. According to Astrid has they found recordings that have been made at the time of liquidation process Passage. On the soundtrack says her brother "that he is so afraid that Dino is going to talk," said Astrid. Dino Soerel clapped end up not from the school. But he got from the court life because he ordered for two murders. At one of them mentioned the Court Willem Holleeder, who was indicted in the Passage process-as a customer.

Astrid had to cry in court when she brought up the recording. On the question of the judge why they became emotional, she gave her brother referring to "that he now knows that he just finished".

Emily Jackson, lawyer for Willem Holleeder, reacted angry when he heard of the incriminating recordings for his client, who Astrid not long ago would have recovered at a move. According to him, several times assured that there were no other recording than the one were already known and that-he stated so on the first day of the process-no direct evidence against Hamdan.

Jackson called the story that the tapes "all of a sudden have sprung up at a move" hard to believe. "The images have dominated the news for months." He demanded the clearing with the Court. So he wants to know what shots are delivered in the ORDER, when and how long it to already know that there are other recordings and what it intends to do with it.

The plaintiffs respond later in the afternoon on the questions.

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