Street interview: ' do you prefer a traditional wife or a modern woman? ' (video)

Hespress questioned a number of passers-by whether they prefer a traditional or a modern woman.

The opinions are clearly divided and a bias here, and that is clearly not out of the way.

The first man says, "I personally would prefer a modern woman so that if I with her wedding and children we get on the same wavelength what bringing up concerns".

The old man says: "a traditional woman is better, she has shame and good features. A modern woman is even los where her parents are. The women of my time, that are traditional women ".

Another says: "I want a modern woman, she is of more business and is thereby further develops as a traditional woman."

The last man to know gives: "I find better Traditional, a traditional woman is more fond of the family and the House. A modern woman would often outdoors and only eat outside ".

[video = youtube; QUHSCdmAD9Y] v = QUHSCdmAD9Y [/video]

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