Safi: Two gendarmes in prison for scams and embezzlement

The gendarmes verduisterden money was intended for social housing.

General Mohamed Haramou picks a broom through the ranks of the Royal Gendarmerie. After he has sanctioned several generals for misconduct last week, he decided to close two gendarmes in the prison of Tamesna (region Rabat).

General Mohamed Haramou was some months ago by King Mohammed VI appointed as the successor of General Hosni Benslimane. The newspaper Al Akhbar writes today that General Mohamed Haramou decided to make the two gendarmes, working in the region to arrest because of their involvement in Safi, scams and embezzlement within the Royal Gendarmerie.

One of the two gendarmes was the driver of Colonel Houssine Kaamouz, while the other was responsible for the management of social housing in Safi. Both are secured pending further investigation.

According to the first elements of the research they would have money allegedly embezzled by the Royal Gendarmerie that was assigned to the budget for the creation of social housing. On the other hand, the money was used for the construction of a four storey building in the district in the City All Hanae-Safi, Al Akhbar writes.