Visa restriction for not take back migrants

Inhabitants of countries from Africa, for example, insufficiently co-operate with the readmission of migrants, have to deal with more stringent visa requirements to travel to the EU.

The European Commission has proposed that Wednesday. It is an elaboration of a command of the Government leaders in June. They want people who do not have the right to protection have much faster the EU be expelled.

In EU countries should be at least 1 million people who plotted, it turned out last year. Of the migrants who had to leave in 2015, only 36.4 percent did that, sometimes because their homeland does not want to have them.

The European Commission is tracking the extent to which non-EU countries cooperate. If that is not satisfactory, it may be decided, together with the Member States to take measures in the field of visa. So can the processing time of applications will be prolonged, the length of stay shortened or the visa fees increased, also for diplomats.

The EU signs co-operation agreements with more and more countries to take people back. The European Commission last year 200 million extra for there pulled out. The European border and Coast Guard has since October 135 return flights coordinated, in which such a 7000 people have flown to their home countries.

For travellers from countries where a visa is one of the 105 countries that legitimate to want Europe, is it easier to get a visa, State in the proposal. The procedures are accelerated and more types of visas. That should help boost tourism and trade. However, it is proposed to increase the cost of 60 to 80 euros, partly to cover the costs of the enhanced veligheidsscreenings.

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