Spain: two men convicted of mugging Moroccans on the way to Morocco (video)

The thieves had targeted in particular Moroccans who were on transit to Morocco.

The Court in the city of La Rioja in Northern Spain has two men sentenced for theft of Moroccans (and some other foreigners) who were in Spain.

The perpetrators, 38 and 42 years old, are both of Moroccan origin, reports They were accused by the police of various theft offences, six on the AP-68 at La Rioja and another on the A2 at the Pina de Ebro, near Zaragoza.

The two robbers always acted the same way. In the absence of the driver they showed the tires of the car or trailer. Then they offered their assistance to and took advantage of the carelessness of the driver and passengers to steal everything within reach: mobile phones, handbags, jewelry, glasses, cameras, laptops and much more.

The Civil Guard advises travellers to always have the tires of the car check before departure and never to trust strangers who offer their help.

Below is a video of the two thieves that was broadcast by the Spanish police on YouTube:

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