Casablanca: young woman died in a fire caused by phone charger

A phone charger has Monday night in Casablanca a fire caused in which a 26-year-old woman was killed.

Laptop and phone chargers continue to make victims in Morocco. A 26-year-old young woman suffocated yesterday in Casablanca because of the smoke that came free in a fire, caused by her phone charger.

This incident is far from being the first of its kind in Morocco. In China made chargers are very dangerous to use. This kind of chargers are very hot and may even cause explosions which in turn cause a fire.

In the past few months come in all corners of the country quite a few deaths from Chargers registered. Given the magnitude of the situation by the authorities, were given instructions to hunt down these products of poor quality.

"Since may 2017 are new measures adopted by the Ministry of trade and industry, which determine that imports of chargers for mobile phones is subject to conformity assessment according to Moroccan standards, only after the presentation of a certificate issued by the Ministry, these pass through ", specifies a source within the State Secretariat for foreign trade to Lefr360.

This year has had a boat with 5 tons forbidden to create counterfeit Chargers in Tangier. But "the problem remains with the counterfeiters already on the Moroccan market are present and those who illegally Chargers via Sebta and Melilia inward smuggling," said the same source. He recalled that users themselves for must ensure an original charger to purchase. At Chargers by 20 dirham you can already assume that these are not original.

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