Tangier: Streets without street name and numbering houses without take care of problems (video)

Because some streets have no name and houses no numbers is not or hardly to post.

The city of Tangier is experiencing huge infrastructure problems, among other students are vastly affected..

Many students in Tanger suffer from the lack of name and numbering of houses, alleys and boulevards. Their mail gets lost and rarely reached their destination. Many of them waiting for answers on job applications or exam results. Lefr360 camera does report.

The first person gives: "I've been living here 17 years, the houses have no street name or house number, many post reaches the addressee is not. Only electricity and water accounts know to find us. "

Another says: "the streets have no name and no house numbers. Sometimes it comes in a time the police pick up someone, because the letters are not arrived and the person is contacted several times for example. "

[video = youtube; NVgxwj0_a3c] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 8 & v = NVgxwj0_a3c [/video]

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