Sidi Kacem: farmers pouring milk on the streets in protest (video)

The farmers are furious over the low milk price laid down.

In the town of Sidi Kacem protested recently some farmers against the low milk price fixed by ' la laitière Central ' (dairy station), reports H24Info. The members of the cooperative "Bougdour" held a demonstration by pouring milk onto the streets to express their anger against what they call a "monopoly".

Dairy farmers are members of a dairy company/Association, which through a complicated system determined how much the value of milk is based on profit from previous years, the composition of the milk, an agreed minimum price etc. Very briefly, the milk price determined by the milk producers association where the Member of his based on all kinds of criteria and guidelines.

[video = youtube; LpCXnmTT7_0] v = LpCXnmTT7_0 [/video]

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