EU Parliament: criminal Russia and Iran to Syria

The European Union should sanctions against Russia and Iran because of their role in Syria.

All parties to the conflict to respect the ceasefire and there should be a war crimes Tribunal be set up. The European Parliament calls on it.

"Using both Russia if Iran goes through with the ruthless bombing of Assad children, hospitals and rescue workers in Eastern Ghouta '', said Marietje Schaake." An unprecedented disaster. Europe cannot but targeted sanctions on these allies of Assad. "

The EU has already brought against Russia and Iran sanctions for other reasons. Against Moscow since 2014 because of interference in Ukraine and against Tehran since 2011 due to human rights violations.

Sanctions against Syria, the EU has since 2011. President Assad and members of his regime may not travel to Europe and their assets are frozen. Schaake wants the EU to examine how it is possible that a Syrian on the list recently in Rome was at the invitation of Italy.

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