Spain: two Moroccans sentenced to 2 years in prison for glorifying terrorism

The two men were given 2 years in prison, but were acquitted of belonging to a terrorist organization.

A Spanish Court sentenced two Moroccans to two years imprisonment, because they glorified terrorism on social media, reported the highest Criminal Court of Spain in a statement.

The two Moroccan nationals are, however, acquitted of belonging to a terrorist organization, since the Court the lack of a connection between the two suspects and such organizations.

The Court also confirmed that the two defendants had no intention to cooperate with these organizations or for any act or activity to commit terrorist offences. The Court believes that it is a "ideological radicalism" is that the two accused has put on to an abundant search for and dissemination of violent material

The Declaration States that the Court all content provided by the two accused on social media was posted. The men were in 2016 in jailed.

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