Harhoura: angry inhabitants after the conclusion of any mosque in the municipality

The authorities have decided to be the only mosque, which is threatened with collapse, to close.

In order to do their prayers, the inhabitants of Harhoura to Rabat or Témara, writes the newspaper Al Akhbar. A situation where the inhabitants of the city very dissatisfied about, especially with the upcoming arrival of the month of Ramadan.

The authorities of the municipality have, in consultation with the Mayor and the Ministry of religious affairs, decided the only mosque of Harhoura close. The mosque is threatened by collapse, the minaret of the mosque already shows cracks.

A decision that is rejected by the inhabitants of Harhoura which, according to the same source, claim that the restoration of the mosque can be done without the need to proceed with the closure of the mosque. The residents are asking the authorities to take over the restoration to benefactors, to close the mosque to avoid.

This event also highlights the lack of places of worship in the city, which has only one mosque while more than 12,000 inhabitants.