Moroccan demands 1.8 million euros of Spanish and British authorities because of false terrorism indictment

Farid Hilali was wrongly jailed for five years and demands compensation for there now.

Farid Hilali, a Moroccan national who was accused of being a member of al-Qaida, asking 1.8 million in compensation after being wrongly imprisoned for five years, message .

According to in december 2017 Hall served a criminal complaint against the Spanish and the British authorities because of the fact that they accused him of transferring messages to an Al-Qaeda-celleider in Spain in connection with the attacks of 9/11.

The Moroccan citizen was in Great Britain secured after Spain in 2004 had issued a European arrest warrant against him. The case never came to court and in 2012 was shelved when the Spanish Court admitted that they could not prove that Hilali was an Al-Qaida member.

"I was accused to have killed nearly 3,000 Americans and both parties knew that there was no evidence," said the 49-year-old man to The Guardian.

He was released in 2009 1711 days in jail after he had spent nearly four years in Britain-and one year in Spain-but he had to remain in Spain, daily at a police station record and did not qualify for a work permit or benefits. He now lives with his wife in Barcelona.

"My life is ruined. My wife and I have suffered a lot. No money can give me my life back, but I don't want that happening with someone else, whether they come from the United Kingdom or wherever, "he said.

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