PVV under heavy debate in Rotterdam under fire

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb must go, Muslims must find another hobby and all Islamic schools should close.

Those one-liners came PVV leader Maurice Macdonald on hoon of the Hall during the first major election debate of Rotterdam.

When Macdonald moments later compared Islam with Nazism and communism was the noise again in the library of Rotterdam where the AD and the Organization had organized the debate Locally.

The PVV there for the first time crossed swords with Joost Eerdmans of Leefbaar Rotterdam. A real fight to the right-wing voter, however, it was not. "We call not only, we do not stay on the side. What does your party reaches? Nothing ", said Eerdmans.

During the debate it was also over those two other themes in Rotterdam: sustainability and employment. The unanimity in this area on all sides was great. Left and right agreed: we need more houses are built and more jobs. Interestingly, even that VVD full commitment on sustainability and greening. "That is the real theme of Rotterdam", said Judith Bajpai.