Dead by shooting in Amsterdam

A shooting Thursday night in Amsterdam, the New-West has a person's life.

The police can still say anything about the identity of the victim, who was found in a doorway at the Piet Mondrian Street. The person later succumbed to his injuries.

22.15 the shooting incident took place around noon, at the height of the Jan Tooropstraat. The perpetrators managed to escape. The police were looking for, among other things, with a helicopter, but that yielded nothing on.

Friday morning, there was a shooting in Amsterdam, at the Johan van Hasseltweg in North. It hit a 31-year-old man injured. He was approachable and is transferred to a hospital. Police suspect that the perpetrators have fled on a scooter.

Police say that for the time being, there is no need to assume that the two incidents related to love each other.