UEFA Champions League: Benatia and H cards each other

The battle for the UEFA Champions League is nearing its apotheosis, recently was there in the draw for the quarter-finals of the Swiss Nyon miljardenbal.

The draw for the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League has yielded interesting posters, so is there for the Moroccan lover an impressive clash between Medhi Benatia and Achraf H. During the drawing ceremony with the traditional balls, the names of the teams of both internationals simultaneously from the cooker roles. Where the H the last matches had to do with a place on the stand, though his Benatia played duels on behalf of ' Juve ' at the highest level in Europe.

The first leg matches are this season, respectively, Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 april finished, the returns are finally on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 april.

FC Barcelona vs. AS Roma
Sevilla vs. Bayern Munich
Juventus vs. Real Madrid
Liverpool vs. Manchester City

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