Agadir: Process serial killer opens on 7 april

The trial of the alleged serial killer, who murdered 9 homeless in the Souss region, will start on april 7 at the Court of appeal in Agadir.

The man was Tuesday by the Attorney General of the King brought in the Court of appeal of Agadir for intentional homicide with premeditation. He said during the arraignment. Also during previous interrogations, he has hardly spoken.

At present, his DNA matched the DNA at the crime scene of two victims was found. The researchers are continuing their investigation to prove that he is also involved in the other seven victims. All the victims were killed with the same course of action, they were killed by a stone against the head while they were sleeping.

The alleged serial killer was born in 1989 in Beni Mellal. He has been homeless since 2007 and has a criminal record.

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