Fierce responses to outright hate campaign of the PVV

The hate propaganda of the PVV finally seems to only turmoil.

The Hague political party Islam believes (rightly) that the ad incites hatred and violence against Muslims and therefore reporting against the PVV and its leader Geert Wilders, announces Group Chairman Habib Küçük. The video was broadcast Thursday on tv in the airtime for political parties.

In the video, the Islam in red letters under more unified to terror and hatred towards Jews, gays and Christians. At the last text, "Islam is deadly", dripping blood from the letters a-f. The video closes with the logo of the PVV.

D66 considers that the campaign video "many and much too far". The party has in response a similar movie made, in which a line is put through the PVV-image, followed by texts like: "Netherlands is equality, tolerance, diversity and religious freedom". The movie of the D66 is seen here:

On social media is also widely commented on the PVV-video.  Also on our Facebook page, where we shared the video yesterday, is widely commented:

hate propaganda
anti-islam spot