Anti-terrorism training in Moroccan prisons

Twenty-two regional trainers will in the fight against extremism training in Moroccan prisons.

The regional trainers are trained as part of the cooperation programme "fight against violent extremism in prisons" between the General delegation for prison administration and rehabilitation (DGAPR) and the World Center for cooperative security (GCCS).

This training programme in the fight against radicalization is aimed at 78 correctional institutions, among the 10 regional directorates, writes Medias24.

The goal is to raise awareness of the prison staff of the need to prevent violent extremism in prisons and to effectively address the problem of radicalisation.

On the basis of three types of training is the first session of the programme "fight against violent extremism in prisons" started in July 2017 and will last one year. It concerns the training of all staff in prisons works and aims to train regional trainers who in turn will train staff in their region.

The second session was attended by staff members recruited in 2017, who were on trial in the training center in Tifelt, while the third is devoted to staff that works with violent extremists and will be held in the period from June 2018 to July 2019.

It is a preventive approach based on the control and monitoring of this category prisoners, but also on the development of re-integration tools that allow them their "radical and destructive" ideas to reconsider and review.