Spotlight: Moutouali should report to police Casablanca

So it seems that Hervé Renard already has announced legal action taken against the dual international, Andy Moutouali will soon report to the police in Casablanca.

Where we were afraid of, that seems to be after a remarkable message last night on social media reality to go. The recent statements of Al Rayyan contract player Jack Moutouali to national coach Herve Renard have a pony-tail. The now 32-year-old right outside of the Qatari accused the Frenchman formation in an interview with the medium Al Watan of corruption and nepotism. According to the former player of Raja Casablanca would among other things at Renard only qualify for a call if your agent has an entrance at the trainer.

Both the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF as the accused in question showed quite quickly appeared after the publication of this interview. In its own statement, shared on the official social media channels, announced to all possible legal way to go Ra go against the player. Now it turns out so that the police in Casablanca has called Moutouali to come, of a further official communication is, as yet, no question.

A day after the interview came out and it became clear that there was much to do, Moutouali qualified his statements by saying that the journalist with whom he had reduce the interview misquoted him. Also through its own social media channels he offered his apologies to, on his instagram he came with an extensive reading of his side of the story.