Abdi: ' grew up with Badr Hari, was just a quiet male '

In a candid interview with the Telegraph many of topics beyond, so Ali Abdi looks back on his childhood in the Indische buurt in Amsterdam-East and he discusses his current status as Moroccan-international.

Where he was once the star of the sky played for sc Heerenveen, Ali Abdi now begins in the colours of FC Twente weather the footballer to be where Ajax was interested in concrete. The now 29-year-old wing tip after 20 League matches already has 6 hits and 2 assists behind his name, the games are not name did not appear on the contest form for came he missed because of injury. Abdi is the back on the right track, after its lucrative stint with the Emiratische Al Ahli Dubai was the love for the game that mattered him decide his sporting comeback in the Eredivisie.

Initially pre-selected by national coach Hervé Renard, however, his name was not included in the subsequent final selection. Too bad but at the same time also understandable, said Abdi. '' It is nice that I sat at the last preselection and if you purely look at quality, then I hear there. But they have the World Cup without me, so it is their right to do it with the players who have achieved the qualification. ''

To its active period as international cherishes the former player of Liverpool and Stoke City warm memories:

That Badr Hari it so far would kick that had He was not possible as a childhood friend with him. '' Another childhood friend is Badr Hari. I am with him grew up. We went every day together. Badr was not such a good footballer, but he thought it was pretty fun to join in. Badr was still not at all as big as now. He was just a petite and quiet male. I had never imagined that he would be such a great champion in Kickboxing. In a few years he changed tremendously. All of a sudden he was big and strong. I follow his career with much interest. It's a beautiful fighter to see. ''

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