The tlat ' market ' of Inezgane destroyed by fire (video)

This morning a huge fire broke out in the souk ' Tlat ', located in the heart of the town of Inezgane.

The souk "Tlat" in Inezgane, which spreads itself over nearly four acres and more than 2400 places trade houses, was destroyed by a fire whose origin is unknown for the time being.

The Fire Department of Inezgane, supported by their colleagues from Agadir and Ait Melloul, were able to get the fire under control after several hours, reports Lefr360.

Local sources are reporting significant material damage. Fortunately there were no deaths.

There is an investigation to clarify the circumstances of this fire.

[video = youtube; EO3mha-aAEY] time_continue = 3 & v = EO3mha-aAEY [/video]