Ziyech: ' Van der Gijp may call me or appen ' (video)

Thus Hakim Ziyech that responds to the invitation of football Inside analyst René van der Gijp, who asked the Ajax midfielder Champions League once at his home.

One of the few players where the fixed table guests of the popular football Inside themselves weekly praised exhausts is Hakim Ziyech. Time and time again is his name as the best player from the Premier League should be designated. During the broadcast on Monday invited René van der Gijp him out sometime Champions League at his home on the bank watching, the player ended in that broadcast as a player v/d Week. An invitation that Ziyech, in conversation with Simon Zafra, does not appear.

[video = youtube; GaZvWRp4AV4] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = GaZvWRp4AV4 [/video]

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