2026 WORLD CUP: view here Morocco's official promo film (video)

Since today is also the brand new website launched, last Thursday was Morocco's file for this World Cup-bid awarded to the FIFA.

Morocco should be designated as an organizer for this World Cup then it will be the final tournament in as many as 14 host cities are going to be finished. Last Thursday took place the official handing-over of Morocco's bid to FIFA. Since today the Organizing Committee has a wonderful website launched, to this is from A to Z read how Morocco this final tournament wants to get off the ground and what resources are going to be used for this purpose.

Click to visit the official website of ' Morocco 2026 '

[video = youtube; IFAnue_wQWY] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 2 & v = IFAnue_wQWY [/video]