Virgin pill

For all the ladies who do not want to venture to a ' hersteloperatie ' Hymen (nice word for Hangman) there is now a miracle pill ...

The UMC Utrecht is a pill offer as an alternative to restoring the hymen. The pill is a trick for Muslim women and girls to the bleeding in their defloration mimic, reports the hospital Wednesday.
It is a vaginal suppository that half an hour after inserting a ' slimy red secretion ', says gynecologist Ineke van Seumeren. reports that on her site.

The UMC Utrecht attracts some 20 requests from girls of Turkish and Moroccan origin in order to reconstruct the hymen. About half of the requests is granted, says Van Seumeren.
Van Seumeren stressed during consultations that most women have little or no bleeding during the first time. "I ask them if they help each other than not talking about alternative remedies. As an alternative, I give them the pills. "

The gynecologist says that the hymen membrane is none at all. "It is a double-layered soft fabric edge just behind the entrance to the vagina.
About sixty percent of the girls has blood loss at the first time because the brink cheergirl, but they have that in very varying degree. Forty percent of the women notes, nothing like the first time. "

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