Moroccan schoolboy stabbed to death in Amsterdam

At a ROC of Amsterdam slotervaart is Thursday a student stabbed to death ...

At a ROC of Amsterdam slotervaart has Thursday afternoon a stabbing occurred. This reports the Press on its site.  The victim after arrival at the hospital died. The incident took place around 12.30 hours place on a square in front of the Technical College Amsterdam to the vlaardingenlaan. The victim, about a 16 year old boy of Moroccan origin, would put in his neck.

The police have a suspect arrested, a 14-year-old boy of Turkish origin. The cause of the stabbing is according to eye-witnesses a quarrel in the classroom. Offender and the victim were sitting together in class. The boy of Moroccan origin according to fellow students threw a pen against the mind of the perpetrator. Who responded furiously, then the ' thrower ' pens later for the school with a knife in the neck. The victim would be minutes long in a pool of blood on the school playground.

The offender would be the weapon, a balisong, have thrown in the water, and fled to the nearby metro station. There he was nabbed by a large group of fellow students and beaten. ' They have him up the stairs in emptying and good. ' says one of the students. None of them says the perpetrator or the victim personally, only by name.

Pupils pursued the offender and dragged him down the stairs of the school next to the metro station, Henk sneevlietweg. They beat him, after which he was handed over to the police. Three ambulances and a helicopter were advancing from trauma to provide assistance. Police have cordoned off the square.