' Allah does not like women '

' Allah does not like women ' is the title of the latest book by Nahed Selim ...

Follow the site of the VPRO dares the Egyptian-Dutch writer and interpreter Nahed Selim as Muslim women oppression in the Muslim world to denounce.

The headscarf, for example, is according to Selim "not just a piece of clothing, but there is a concept behind about the unequal position of women in society". In her books "The wives of the prophet" (2003) and "silence is betrayal" (2005) she against the great majority of the Muslim population and against indigenous Dutch people who close their eyes for misogynistic practices committed in the name of islam.

Nahed also made a tear-off calendar of islam ' 2007 '. It contains quotes from the Koran, which she interprets and comments at the back.

nahed selim