Benazir Bhutto comes to when attack

Pakistan's ex-premier and current opposition leader Benazir Bhutto died Thursday as a result of a suicide attack.

RAWALPINDI-Pakistan's former Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benazir Bhutto died Thursday as a result of a suicide attack. The Pakistani Interior Ministry in Islamabad has confirmed this report, different media.

Spokesman of her party have also reported her death. She is 54 years old. Several spokesmen have reported that they died as a result of one or more gunshot wounds in her neck and face. She was reportedly shot at when she left a party meeting in a park in Rawalpindi. Earlier it was reported that Bhutto was unharmed after the attack, later gave to her husband that the politician was brought to the hospital in critical condition.

At least 14 other people also died in the attack, according to CNN. During the political rally where Bhutto spoke, thousands of people were present. The perpetrator of the attack would have shot first, and then he blew up himself, reports the NOS. On October 18, was already an attack against Bhutto. When a bomb exploded in the city of Karachi, where Bhutto then to a triumph was working after her return from an exile of years.

This attack took nearly 140 people life. Bhutto himself unharmed. The popular politician and opponent of the controversial president Pervez Musharraf wants to participate in the parliamentary elections on January 8. In Rawalpindi were Thursday more unrest. Four members of the party of Pakistani opposition leader Nawaz Sharif have been shot during an election event. Three other people were injured. That has the Pakistani police. The shooting incident took place on the road that connects the capital Islamabad with the nearby city of Rawalpindi's airport.