Calls for tolerance and respect

On the cover of morning newspaper is faithful Wednesday morning a call from prominent Dutch appeared to be more comfortable with each other to live together in 2008.

Under the title naming and Building call on the signatories of the ad on to the "downward spiral of intolerance and indifference" in Netherlands.

The people in Netherlands are called upon to support the plea for tolerance and mutual respect on the website there positive examples of living together. The site was not accessible in the early morning.

The call originated after CDA-prominent and Chairman of the HBO Council Doekle Terpstra several weeks ago in the same newspaper called for the "naturalizing" of the society.

Terpstra is itself one of the signatories of the pamphlet, as well as 57 other Dutch celebrities, including NOC-NSF-President Erica Terpstra, former CDA lijsttrekker Elco Brinkman and Manager Foppe de Haan.

"Traditionally, the Dutch culture known as open and tolerant", according to the authors of the call. "In the recent period is that culture come under pressure. First we had a tendency to too much to tolerate. Now threatening intolerance the attention. It is time that we return to the roots of the Dutch tradition and a new balance between the values of the values of then and now. "

In the Radio 1 Journal Terpstra said that the call any action against the political, but he called on politicians to embrace the initiative. "Politics should follow". He called in particular on immigrant organisations to align themselves with the promoters.

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