Far right advances in polder villages

About 125 young people in the North Holland region Kennemerland cherish right-extremist sympathies.

They are found mostly in beverwijk, Ijmuiden and in some villages in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, such as Zwanenburg, Lisserbroek and Abbenes.
The young people express themselves extreme right and are regularly involved in violence, such as threat, abuse and harassment. This reports the Office discrimination cases Kennemerland Thursday on the basis of an examination. It comes to young people up to 21 years.

In the other municipalities in Kennemerland has not been established that young people are active with far-right sympathies. There are signals from Velsen-Noord, London and Rijsenhout that some of the young people are very intolerant exhaust such as Turks and Moroccans. The difference with right-wing young people is according to the bureau that there no clear ideology behind it. "It's the spirit of the age, but if these intolerant young people remaining are fed up with negative statements about Muslims or the multicultural society in the political debate and in the media than can also here conflict situations."

The Office reviewed the political preference of adults in some municipalities. The PVV of Geert Wilders scored in the Dutch general election of november 2006 in Zwanenburg with 12.2 percent above the national average of 5.9 percent. Also in Velsen-Noord (11.1 percent), IJmuiden (9.8 percent), Abbenes (8.9 percent), beverwijk (7.5 percent) and Haarlemmerliede/Spaarnwoude (7.2 percent) obtained Trouw.nl votes, thus relatively much Wilders

The report, which is not published, is based on research into youth groups of the Police Corps Kennemerland, notifications registered by the Office of the information and discrimination cases Kennemerland anti-fascist research group Kafka. In addition, talked to experts. This Kennemerland were agents of the police, youth workers and policy officers of the municipalities.

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