Beaten by Guinea Morocco

The Moroccan national football team during the second round of the African Cup defeat against Guinea a 2-3 ago. The Moroccans came an early goal.

Henri Michel modified its team on a number of positions in comparison to the first match. The lack of Alloudi was no surprise, because he got injured in the previous game. But the basic place of Zerka instead of Chamakh was striking. In addition, Kharja and Kissi were allowed to play instead of Alloudi Kabous and with a view to a behoudendere play.

Guinea started off strong and aggressive to the game. The team of Robert Nouzaret had the ideal tactics to disrupt the technical game of Morocco. They played with a lot of pressure and let the Moroccans not quiet building. In addition, the team took advantage of an early lead. Within ten minutes they got a free kick awarded by Pascal Feindounou became curled.

Keeper Fouhami was counting on a high ball, making him the short corner was forgotten. This error had the opening goal so. The rest of the first half was a dull display. Morocco did not remain long in ball possession and could not create great opportunities. Guinea was dangerous through the counter, because they are well used the flanks.

Morocco started well in the second half. There was better combined, whereby the team near the enemy goal started to come. The visor was not, however, particularly in the case of Youssef Hadji on sharp. Guinea able their opportunities, because in the 59th minute Ismael Bangoura made the 2-0. His opponent Ebenezer was, just like in the game against Namibia, not paying attention. The striker from Dinamo Kiev the lead easily.

However, within a minute it was already 1-2, because Hicham Aboucherouane with fantastic long shot keeper Kemoko finally managed to hoodwink. But before the Moroccans were still tying run thinking it was on the other side again. Guinea got a penalty, as Mickael Sheik Youla Basser in the penalty area drew down. Feindounou was the preferred man to the penalty kicks and he did his duty.

The match seemed at that time decided, until Feindounou four minutes later committed a stupid mistake. The man of the match kicked after on Erbate and could with red. From that moment believed Morocco again. However, the team succeeded there not really in to convince. Although the team started more and more to create opportunities, but there were too many players who had not had their day.

In the injury time goal, but Ouaddou still made beyond the 2-3 Morocco came not. Guinea won this earned the game, because they knew from the start to convince. They were from the whistle faster, stronger and better than the Moroccans. They had devised tactics to disrupt the game of the Atlas Lions. In addition, Morocco had no point earned.

Almost every player was not in good. Basser was no shadow of the emerging right-back that he had been on Monday, while almost no Ouaddou duel won. Sadanand could not find his niche, making his actions often failed. With the loss, Morocco should probably win next Monday of Ghana for a place in the quarterfinals. It will, in any case, a very tough job against the host country. Perhaps the return of Alloudi can increase the morale of the team and the motivation back.

By Mustapha Esadik

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