' Joran Van Der Sloot gives murder Holloway '

Joran van der Sloot has the murder of u.s. Natalie Holloway may be known.

That would at least appear from an excerpt from an interview by crime reporter Peter r. de Vries with the Aruban Attorney General Hans Mos, that through the website of Dave leaked.
The page in question has now been removed from De Vries ' website, but Vkmag.com, a Web log that the text found out, has a screen image published.

It is a call to read between Moss and Dave about an obviously captured with hidden camera confession of Van der Sloot. MOS says that the images give rise to reopen the investigation into the disappearance.

Natalee Holloway disappeared in 2005 after a night out. According to the to Joran van der Sloot is the one that when 18-year-old girl last seen alive. He was twice arrested in connection with the case, but justice had to let him go for lack of evidence.

The ORDER and the police on Aruba are currently investigating if the supplied information is reliable and whether that sheds light on the disappearance and death of Holloway.

Peter r. de Vries could not immediately respond to the message, thus Nu.nl.

De Vries claimed earlier Thursday that he has solved the case of Natalee. A corner of the veil he did not light up. He does so only in the broadcast of his Sunday television program. Justice in Aruba do not want on the assertion of De Vries.

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